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Professional Skincare Advice Melbourne

Professional Skincare Advice

At Medisurge Aesthetics, we absolutely understand how important your facial skin condition and appearance means to you.  We are dedicated to providing you with the professional skincare advice you need and also offer prescriptive solutions to treat difficult skin problems and maintain skin health.

Our areas of expertise include management of acne, pigmentation disorders, photo-ageing and ageing skin conditions.  We believe in providing professional skincare advice and that an effective skincare regime is essential for daily home care maintenance as a follow through to complement the aesthetic treatment procedures carried out in our clinic.

After careful assessment of your skin type and condition, you will be advised during our post-procedure consultation of an appropriate daily skincare regime.  A individually tailored skincare regime which may include prescriptive skincare products and science-based cosmeceuticals will be recommended for you.

Different skin types will require different home care products:

  1. Oily and Acne-prone Skin
  2. Dry and Dehydrated Skin
  3. Combination Skin
  4. Sensitive Skin
  5. Hyperpigmented Skin
  6. Mature and Ageing Skin

We only use or recommend premium quality products that are known to deliver visible results through correction of the problem at its root, renewing skin and protecting skin from future damage.

To enquire about our professional skincare products, call us today!


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